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2010 Latin Grammy Awards: Crossfade Cashes in Its Chips on Winning Picks

4 years ago by Paul Torres
The awards are over. My hotel room is trashed. There's debris everywhere -- cigarette butts and cigar nubsand shards of glass from countless broken bottles. There's a strange mustard mural painted -- now dried -- on the mirror, and I'm wearing a dinosaur tail with suspenders. And there's something in the ashtray...

Ten best films of 2010

4 years ago by Karina Longworth
10. Enter the Void I can't fully condone director Gaspar Noe's trip—in my review, I called it a "mashup of the sacred, the profane, and the brain-dead," and I stand by that. But I've come to appreciate its stoner stoopidness as part of its charm. And nothing else in 2010...

Best Weekend Trips From Miami

4 years ago by Amanda McCorquodale
Viva la long weekend! Except if you don't start making plans soon, you'll probably spend the next four days watching a Saved by the Bell marathon with a straw stuck in your Jimmy Buffet brand margarita machine. But planning a weekend trip from Miami ain't easy. We're surrounded by water...

All Up in Our Grills: VendrTV Rolls into Miami for Spring 2010 Road Trip

5 years ago by Jackie Sayet
Pods, carts, trailers, and trucks. If your meal isn't served on asphalt these days, is it even worth eating?With South Florida's growing street food scene now garnering national attention, it should be no surprise that VendrTV will make a stop in The Magic City on its Spring 2010 Road Trip...

Top 10 Moments of the BET Awards 2010: Chris Brown, Drake, Rick Ross, and More (With Video!)

5 years ago by Arielle Castillo
We love music awards season this year, largely thanks to Twitter -- the real-time discussion and dissection of the county's pop-stars makes for an entertaining way to spend a few hours "working." (Plus, some of you all on our Twitter feed, at @Crossfade_SFL, are hilarious).Anyways, we glued ourselves to the...
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