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Best Brownie Miami 2010 - Triple Chocolate Brownie at Miami Beach Cinematheque

It's hard not to kiss kiss bang bang an art-house movie theater that avoids 3-D blockbusters, sticky seats, and stale popcorn in favor of Citizen Kane, a comfy chaise lounge, and its own line of baked goods. This is especially true when one of the goodies is the Miami Beach Cinematheque's triple chocolate brownie. Thick and made with all-natural ingredients, these moist, heavenly creatures cost just four bucks. And chock full of cocoa (before Chanel) and milk and white chocolate chips, they're truly kick ass. Don't believe us? One bite has been known to silence the lambs, placate seven angry men, and provide eternal sunshine to many a spotless mind. Or, at the very least, with their Vito Corleone-approved size, they are Titanic enough to get anyone through both acts of Gone With the Wind without going all vertigo from hunger.
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Awesome!Congrats to our chef Julie Thomson, who will be creating a whole line of exclusive MBC products at the new Miami Beach Cinematheque coming soon to MB Historic City Hall!