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Best Bar Food Miami 2010 - Frankie's South Beach Hide-a-Way - CLOSED

Frankie\'s South Beach Hide-a-Way

Frankie's South Beach Hide-a-Way

754 Washington Ave.

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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When you think South Beach, sports bar might not be the first type of watering hole that comes to mind. But if Frankie's South Beach Hide-a-Way owner Frankie Faria (who also owns a long-standing Doral location) has anything to say about it, that will change. Sports bar prereqs, such as a bevy of HDTV sets, are present and accounted for, and there's even a center-stage cage in case you want to be incarcerated. Low booze prices — like $3 for PBR, Bud Select, and Frankie's own No Crying Ale — might just get you there. And food is a real standout. "Amazing wings" are just that — slow-roasted and then char-grilled and only $8.95 for ten or $16.95 for 20. Addictive sliders come in burger, chicken, fish, and meatball varieties for $3.95 a pair, $5.95 for four, or $8.95 for six. And $9.95 gets you decadent seafood nachos — crustacean-packed fried won tons (not tortillas) covered in piping-hot cheese sauce.
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Eric C. - Diesel
Eric C. - Diesel

Frankie's is just that for a sports bar... The best. For a place like south beach with it's wanna be high rollers and socialites, it's a step back into the American norm. It's frequented by a family of locals and regulars who can be seen there almost everyday. You can catch any sports event you want and if it's not on the screen when you get there, just ask. Daily specials are the key. Everyday there's a lunch special which usually is priced around $5.95 cooked by a chef who truly has a passion for the meals he prepares. Often he will even come out of the kitchen and ask for your honest opinion which he accepts with integrity. Most importantly, Frankie the owner is on site for most of the day and will welcome you with open arms, a loud "hey how you doin" and possibly a sample of something great. His wife is usually right by his side supporting him and helping out and offering the same family welcome. I've been coming since they opened and will continue until they kick me out. They now feature live music many nights of the week and by live I do not mean "live djs", I mean guitars and drums and singers, etc. This is the place you should come for your first and last drinks of the night since they are open until 5am but I warn you, if you come for your first drink you may not want to leave especially since they also serve food late night as well. Recently, they have been packing the place solid with football (soccer) fans due to the 7am open time for morning games and 2 o'clock lunch hour soccer extravaganzas which have featured free beer hand-outs by the Polar beer girls. Last but not least there is the cage. Yeah, yeah, yeah I said earlier it was a step away from the SOBE style but what's a great bar with out a cage for dancers right in the middle of the venue. There are no paid dancers, it's get in at your own risk. Anyway, I give it an A+ all around and being two blocks from the beach, who can go wrong.