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Best Arepa Miami 2010 - El Arepazo 2

El Arepazo 2

El Arepazo 2

3900 NW 79th Ave.

Doral, FL 33166


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Don't let the old cafeteria look of this eatery dissuade you from walking in for an arepa. After all, you just made the trip to this nondescript strip mall in the heart of Doral. The Venezuelan hangout, where émigrés congregate to play dominoes or discuss big news back home, makes tasty arepas with a slightly golden crust and a steaming-hot, soft interior. The best part is that you can fill your arepa with just about anything you crave. Choose from fresh Venezuelan cheeses — try the guayanés — and meats such as carne mechada (shredded beef) and chorizo. It's the closest you'll get to eating at a Caracas-style arepa bar in Miami.
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Juan Rojas
Juan Rojas

" A mi que me den una Reina Pepeada, una de Ensalada de Gallina y un batido de Lechoza". Cuánto le debo, pongamelo para llevar a Madrid?"