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Best Venue for Live Music Miami 2009 - White Room

White Room

White Room

1306 N. Miami Ave.

Miami, FL 33136


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Sure, there're the AAA, the Arsht Center, the Knight Center, and all of those wonderful monsters that fill our downtown. They are loud and cool and we love 'em. But the White Room, ah, the White Room! It has welcomed plenty of local acts to play on its modest stage, including Otto von Schirach, Astari Nite, José El Rey, Kill Miss Pretty, and many others. Some of the out-of-town acts that have played include Gravy Train!!!!, Calvin Harris, Chairlift, Free Blood, ADULT., Rye Rye, Amanda Blank, and Gameboy/Gamegirl. And while the setup might not exactly be Fillmore-esque, we haven't heard anyone complain.

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I admit that the White Room has brought some good music to the Miami scene. But I disagree that it's the best venue for live music. First of all, the club is tiny. When it gets packed, you can hardly move or breathe. Plus, half of the club is uncovered. So, if it rains, you have to fight to stay in the covered area and, chances are, you will get soaked. Also, the acoustics of the place are horrible. The Polish American Club, for example, is a much better place to hear live music because, at least, it fits more people. But overall, few - if any- good places remain in Miami to hear live music.