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Best TV News Anchor Miami 2009 - Joel Connable

Readers' Choice: Belkys Nerey

Just three days after taking over for 23-year veteran Tony Segreto on the 6 p.m. broadcast, Joel Connable stood before a green screen doing what even national squawk boxers failed to: clearly explain the situation involving US Airways Flight 1549?s descent into the Hudson River. Connable had one advantage most didn?t ? he?s a former private pilot ? but his ease in front of the camera and seeming concern for the story helped too. His often ad-libbed delivery on a range of stories was a welcome change from so many of the teleprompter addicts that fill our local airwaves. He might not have been able to single-handedly bring WTVJ out of its ratings slump (a new set, better reporters, and less hyperkinetic direction would go a long way), but his increased role was a positive addition to the troubled station.

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He was really a talent that I hope reappears.It was never said why he was fired.He exposed how bad Jackie really is.