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Best Plant Nursery Miami 2009 - Log Cabin Nursery

Log Cabin Nursery

Log Cabin Nursery

8128 Collins Ave.

Miami Beach, FL 33141


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There's no shortage of plant nurseries in our subtropical clime, but something besides its excellent selection and reasonable prices puts Miami Beach's Log Cabin Nursery at the top of its category. The pleasant one-block complex features an open-air garden ringing the center cabin. It's also a nonprofit organization that trains and employs the developmentally disabled. An on-site "coach" helps adults through the everyday rigors and hurdles of independent living, from finding an apartment to keeping up with monthly bills and shopping for oneself. So while the plant you buy might not appreciate your purchase — you really think you're going to remember to water that azalea? — the people who sell it to you do.

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LogCabin Nursery is the best! I have been a customer for more than 20 years. It is so refreshing to be served by someone who actually knows plants! I love their music festivals. I hope they do more soon.I have never had any of the plants I buy from them get sick. The quality of their stock is unsurpassed.They are one of the few mom & pop businesses that still remain on M.B. I hope they remain w/ us for many more yrs. to come. Go Log Cabin!!