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Best Place to Buy a Used Bike Miami 2009 - Cuba Bike Shop

Cuba Bike Shop

2930 NW 7th Ave.

Miami, FL 33127


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Never trust a bike shop owner who's got his Benz parked behind the store. As a matter of fact, steer clear of bike shops with bright fluorescents, shelves stuffed with rich-man's gadgets, and bikes that cost as much as a car. Cuba Bike Shop, ironically named because the owner is Colombian, keeps it simple. Picture a sunlit warehouse on Wynwood's western border with more space devoted to the building, maintenance, and repair of bicycles than to showcasing them. Now walk on in, check out the inventory, or make an offer on a Frankenbike cobbled from parts in the cycle graveyard. A steady stream of locals and regulars will join you in the shop to haggle, barter, and wheel and deal with owner Ricardo for their next two-wheel expenditure. The process involves no high-pressure sales tactics from juiced-up, camel-backed cyclotrons; it's just easy commerce with a neighborhood legend. Cuba Bike Shop is a humble operation that provides a quality product for folks on a budget. Prices range from dirt-cheap to mid-dollar, so whether you seek a neighborhood beater or a trek-worthy road warrior, Cuba Bike Shop has you covered.

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Luis Izquierdo
Luis Izquierdo

I have a Marin Portofino candy apple color it was given as a gift in February 2010, i road it for ten miles and have not used since april of this year. It is in great condition but would like to sell. I would like to find out if i can send you pictures of the bike and see how much i could get for it. Please let me know i can stop by there and take it on friday or saturday of this week.

Thank You, Luis Izquierdo