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Best Place to Buy a Diamond Ring

Seybold Building

So, after years of breaking up and then making up, you've decided she's the girl for you. Now you must find that sparkling diamond engagement ring that is gonna make her say, "Hell, yeah!" We suggest you take a trip to the Seybold Building in downtown Miami, where more than...

The Lure of the Ring

22 years ago by Kathy Glasgow
The kid is a giant heavyweight: 6' 8", 270 pounds. He just moved down from North Carolina. Can he fight? Well, sure he knows how to fight, he can box, and with the right opponent, he can win. Even better, he's white. It's just a fact in the boxing trade...

The Sweet Buy-and-Buy

24 years ago by Sean Rowe
Shopping mall managers and owners have a phrase for the totality of what happens in their climate-controlled Edens: The Retail Drama. At some malls The Retail Drama is low comedy or pantomime or a degraded television sitcom. At Dadeland, twelve miles south of downtown Miami, it is high art. From...

Ring In the New Year and Roll the Dice

5 years ago by Arielle Castillo
Thanks to whatever changes in the gaming and racing laws (it's hard to keep track), there's finally a pseudo-casino within City of Miami limits: The Magic City Casino. It's in a new building on the site of the old Flagler Dog Track, in that west-ish area of the county between...

King of Diamonds: How America's Favorite Black Strip Club Won Its Crown

3 years ago by Francisco Alvarado
King of Diamonds: How America's Favorite Black Strip Club Won Its Crown More King of Diamonds photos.
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