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Best Museum Miami 2009 - Jewish Museum of Florida

Jewish Museum of Florida

Jewish Museum of Florida

301 Washington Ave.

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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Did you know Florida's Jews have been kicking it old-school in the Sunshine State since 1763? With the Torah and the menorah and the dancing of the hora under swaying palm trees? No? Well, there's this nice Jewish lady over on the Beach... she or one of her helpful staff members will set you straight on the long, colorful Jewish experience in the land of alligators and orange trees. Reams of mementos, photos, oral histories, and other items are housed in the two former synagogues that compose the Jewish Museum of Florida. As well as containing an extensive permanent collection of Florida-related Judaica, the museum offers many temporary exhibits, other public functions, and help with research. You know your bubbe would want you to go, so do it already.

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The JEWISH MUSEUM OF FLORIDA opened in 1995 in a former historic synagogue. It is a great museum, Jews have historically placed strong emphasis on religious, educational and business-oriented pursuits rather than physical or athletic endeavors. Thank You________Harryusing critical essay

Philip Mitchell
Philip Mitchell

While my wife and I are not Jewish, this museum is a fascinating place to visit! The many temporary exhibits present a wide variety of educational and informative subjects.

Bessie's (named for Bess Myerson) Bistro is a glass enclosed caf�oining the two main exhibit halls and is a very nice place to enjoy a light lunch or snack during a visit...