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Best Latin Band Miami 2009 - Electric Piquete

There's something truly refreshing about Hialeah's six-piece Electric Piquete. They don't seem to be concerned with following trends, so their fresh, jazzy Latin sound is miles away from that of any other local band. Founded in 2007, Electric Piquete debuted at Churchill's yearly HialeahFest, where the sextet's unforgettable performance quickly led to more gigs. Their sound collage is dominated by suave horns that slowly build up into a cool and steady Latin jazz vibe. The past two years have seen the band grow in popularity and land steady gigs at Jazid and Tobacco Road. And with more live appearances coming up every month — they are even going to play some Saturday nights at Marlins games this summer and fall — Electric Piquete will spread calm and breezy Latin beats to chill out our often-steamy city.

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Not sure why Electric Piquete would be categorized as just Latin, these guys are a whole lot more than that. Incorporating genres like Funk, Jazz, Rock, as well as Latin, these guys are a fusion of many influences into a groovy unique style that sets them apart. So, if you're going to see these guys expecting a straight up Salsa or a Latin may get more than you expected. They will be performing at Jazid on June 18th at 11pm...go see for yourself...the guys are GOOD...Congrats!!!