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Best Latin Alternative Rock Band Miami 2009 - Kayakman

Every once in a while, there's a band that gets everything right: the right sound, the right look, and, more important, the right vibe. The genre-defying Kayakman fits perfectly with our city's eclectic ambiance. The group's Latin American musicians love mixing things up, fusing sultry tango with Caribbean rhythms over a solid punk-rock beat. A main reason for the foursome's tight clatter is singer/guitarist's Leonardo Vega's past gig as an axe man for Manu Chao, the international gypsy superstar. In the past couple of months, the band has scored a weekly show at Churchill's on Tuesdays that has been attracting hundreds of new fans to the group's biweekly shows on Española Way in Miami Beach. With a new album — the excellent Let's Go Fellas — Kayakman seems poised to be one of the most popular bands in the city.

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Rick Boucher
Rick Boucher

We watched them at Miami's South Bay and I personally enjoyed their enthusiasm and vigor for their work that evening and I ended up buying their CD Let's Go Fellas, which is odd considering they have a female in the band. Anyway, it is in my CD player in my car and I punch the CD Player button often when I am in the car. Only issue I have is it is hard to understand the words of the songs due to the accent and the bass is overpowering a little. I would like to get the lyrics to the songs to sing along in my car. Otherwise, GREAT JOB. Nice sound!!! Very pleased with my CD purchase!


You guys are great!!!!! Congratulations!! Well deserve!!!!Kayakman going for mooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrreeee! Way 2 go.LoveMarie