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Best Gay Bar Miami 2009 - Club Azucar

Club Azucar

Club Azucar

2301 SW 32nd Ave.

Miami, FL 33145


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On the road to equality, it's important to stop at fabulous dance clubs. All of that droppin'-it-like-it's-hot can only be good for morale. And sure, the Beach is still the best place for stylish gay boys and their stylish gay martinis. But for a grittier, more authentically Miami experience, leave your fancy clothes behind (someone will spill on them) and head to this sprawling, smoky drag performance club-meets-Cubana salsa disco. The warehouse-style venue is full of hip-shaking, mostly Spanish-speaking men and a generally intimate posse of women from the neighborhood. On Drag Wars Thursdays — a campy, cabaret-style show — gay and straight folks alike gather for a beer and a laugh. Parking is a breeze in the less-than-bustling part of town off Coral Way, and there's no cover before 11:30 p.m. Afterward, it's five to ten bucks.

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Another Dan
Another Dan

In the Miami area (NOT south beach or downtown) I remember there used to be a small gay pub which I forgot the name and also Cheers/Splash, Uncle Charlies, Club Ozone and Azucar. Apart from those there were also 2 very scummy bars. There's only Azucar left! Whoever opens another gay bar in the Miami area would be rich! What is going on? I hate south beach and downtown they're not as private, personal and close to home as neighborhood bars...