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Best Gadfly Miami 2009 - BASIC (Bicycle Activists for a Safe, Integrated City)

While bicycle gatherings like Critical Mass make for great photo-ops, activists have to do more than just clog traffic during rush hour to affect real change. If you want lawmakers to pay attention to the needs of cyclists, you have to play by their rules. That means sitting through endless commission meetings, endless community meetings, and endless planning meetings when you'd rather play outside in the sunshine. Enter BASIC, a loosely organized group of advocates who doggedly chase local governments to include cycling in their transportation plans. They're the ones who take off their bike helmets and work through every legal roadblock to better bike access. Through their email list, BASIC members stay informed of government meetings where cycling issues might pop up. When that "critical mass" shows up to meetings, it really gets heard. So far, they've been instrumental in creating bike access, particularly bike lanes in Miami Beach, and making sure local governments don't backpedal on transportation reform. And, they still find time to join the rest of us out on the road.

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Beatriz Boo Torrente
Beatriz Boo Torrente

You tell them Mark!!

I read that the Grove wants to adopt you and " Mr. Clucky"

Would you consider transferring to the Grove if things do not work out for you in the Beach?I just want you to know that you have an overwhelming support of ALL PEOPLE in both areas. If you need to start a showing of support for you and Mr. Clucky please contact me to help.Beatriz Boo Torrente -

Mark Buckley & Mr. Clucky
Mark Buckley & Mr. Clucky

I believe you have given Critical Mass Miami a bad rap. I attend your "Best Of" bike club meetings, as well as go on rides with the Critical Mass Miami group. I help the slow, sometimes cloggy Critical Mass group in promotion, activism, outreach, and charity events. This group really does outreach teaching bicycle safety in the real, potentially dangerous streets of Miami, not just painting lines on the streets where people open their car doors and claiming they've done something for bicycle safety.

Mark Buckley & Mr. Clucky