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Best Food Court Miami 2009 - Hurricane Food Court

Hurricane Food Court

Hurricane Food Court

1312 Miller Drive

Coral Gables, FL 33146

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Let's be real. There are two, maybe three mall food courts in the county where you would actually consider eating if you didn't have to. The rest are dirty places filled with generic burger joints that use clip art of smiling patties as logos. We wish they'd take a cue from University of Miami's Hurricane Food Court.

It's one of only a couple of food courts in town with a Panda Express, and if you've ever had the orange chicken there, you know how important that is (plus you'll always get wonderful service from Angel). And it boasts the only Miami-Dade location of Salsarita's, a health-conscious taco chain; it's like Taco Bell but won't give you indigestion. Rounding out the place are made-to-order salad shops; outlets specializing in sushi, Mediterranean food, and Caribbean cuisine; and your typical Wendy's and Jamba Juice food court fodder. Plus, thanks to UM's obsession with image, the area is always clean. We just wish you didn't have to spend $30K a year on tuition to make frequenting this little fast-food oasis convenient.

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Fortunately you don't have to pay 30k to eat in the food court, since you dont have to be a student to eat there. Meter parking is available right by the circle in the main entrance of the school and the food court is only a short distance.

Thursdays live bands play in the UC patio right outside the food court, with not only swing tables but plenty of regular tables and seating as well. Go Canes!


$30K tuition a year?...maybe in the 80's