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Best Feijoada Miami 2009 - Camila's Restaurant

Camila\'s Restaurant

Camila's Restaurant

129 SE 1st Ave.

Miami, FL 33131


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Brazilian food has become synonymous with meat, and lots of it. The brasileiros have the successful export of their churrascarias (think Texas de Brazil and Fogo de Chão) to thank for that. But there's a lot more to Brazilian cuisine than tender rump roast on a stick. And there's no better place to get the most authentic of Brazilian meals — feijoada — than at Camila's, a downtown Miami institution since 1989. Like other Brazilian chains, the restaurant is buffet style, and the best day to check it out is Saturday, when Camila's offers a special feijoada meal. What is feijoada? It's a stew of black beans with pork, which could include everything from bacon to smoked pork ribs. Best of all, Camila's prices are reasonable — just $10.95 for the super buffet. And if you want Brazilian-style meat, they have that too.

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If you are looking for average food you are going to the right place. The buffet has a good variety, and taste fine. They claim to serve meat on the grill, like picanha (top sirloin); however, if you know what the real picanha is you are going to be very disappointed. It is a shame that they claim to be serving the famous Brazilian cut of meat when they're actually not. The meat they served me as being picanha didn't have any taste and it was tough. Another bad thing, they grill the meat in the back of the buffet area where you can't see them, so you don't know what they have there.