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Best Eyebrow Wax Miami 2009 - Uni.K.Wax Center

Uni.K.Wax Center

Uni.K.Wax Center

165 Aragon Ave.

Coconut Grove, FL 33133


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Ever since the ancient Egyptians discovered that a unibrow limited one's dates, both men and women have been torturing themselves to achieve smooth, hairless skin. With multiple locations across town, Uni.K.Wax has been keeping South Floridians baby-ass smooth the past 15 years by using their patented green herbal wax that makes the process pain-free. Even if you aspire to be as supple to the stroke as Dr. Evil's wrinkled pussy, Mr. Bigglesworth, these folks can lay waste to your follicles head to toe, but their eyebrow treatment is fast and only $16.

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Thanks for the recommendation. My waxer on the beach suddenly lost her job and her replacement charges more and doesn't do nearly as good work. I tried Uni.K.Wax in Coral Gables (work around the corner) and was a very satisfied customer!