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Best Expensive Italian Restaurant Miami 2009 - Caffe Abbracci

Caffe Abbracci

Caffe Abbracci

318 Aragon Ave.

Coral Gables, FL 33134


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Sung to the tune of "What a Wonderful World":

I see grilled langoustines, veal Milanese,

Twenty-five years in the Gables, no empty tables,

And I slip a bill to the host,

"Can you get us in please?"

I see fried Scarmoza cheese, mozzarella Caprese,

Owner Nino Pernetti, knows great spaghetti,

And I think to myself,

I could use more Parmesan cheese.

The room is seeped in richness, the service so divine

The sea bass comes with truffles, the duck breast in red wine.

I see pasta e fagioli, very old-school,

Expensive as well, but hey, what the hell,

And I think to myself,

What a wonderful world.

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This is THE best Italian restaurant around. They offer excellent service and the food no matter what plate you chose it is always mouth watering! I often visit anymore between 3-5 times per week!


Living here now three years and visiting for over 20. I've watch the restaurant industry grow and thrive like no other time during my 20 plus years in this industry.This restaurant takes the prize and should be a must see for anyone who loves Italian food especially in the Gables. With so many wannabe's out there this gem holds true to the Italian way and appreciation of food, service and ambience.The big selling point was how there staff are treated and respected and it shows in there dishes and service unlike other nearby restaurants which show a genuine distain to the general public and vendors as well.This is a must try and remember this one is still standing while many others have failed or moved on.