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Best Dance Club Miami 2009 - Set



320 Lincoln Road

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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Readers' Choice: The Vagabond

Before Set opened in 2007, ultra-lounges such as Mynt and Mokai were popping up everywhere, aiming to taking over the Beach's — and the Opium Group's — high-end clientele. So what did these mega-club wizards do? They created a monstrous lounge with minimal dance-floor space but plenty of couches for VIPs looking to consume copious amounts of liquor. It's a place full of contradictions that has us in a constant love/hate relationship with the venue. We hate it because it's more difficult to get through Set's doors than it is to get into the Jonas Brothers' pants, and because drink prices ($12 for a standard well vodka and mix) make us wish Bernie Madoff had persuaded brothers Eric and Francis Milon and Roman Jones to invest in his Ponzi scheme. But we love it because there is never a shortage of superstar DJs taking over the decks; among those who have performed here are Benny Benassi, Fedde Le Grand, and Miguel Migs. And it's so luxuriously decorated you feel like the excess of wealth might rub off on you. In other words, we love to criticize, but we are secretly envious every time we aren't taking part in the fun.

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This is all clearly all a shill for Opium Group. Gosh you Miami people are so simple sometimes...


yo i be partyin it up at SET every Thursday and Friday for ladies night and tha free wings on tuesdaY.....Me and my girls be wildin out there all tha time i got to chill with DJ Ben last time i was there he knows wat tha people like to listen gettin my hair did right now for ladies night................