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Best Chutzpah Miami 2009 - Jeffrey Loria

You know that old saying, "He could sell popsicles to an Eskimo"?

It's officially been revised, as of March 24, 2009, to read: "He could sell taxpayers a $600 million stadium during the worst economic meltdown in modern history."

Jeffrey Loria, owner of the Florida Marlins, put on a clinic in chutzpah this spring when he steamrolled through the city and county commissions with a $634 million deal for a retractable-roof stadium in Little Havana.

All this while the American economy death-spiraled and South Florida sank under a real estate market tanking harder than Dontrelle Willis's career. And best of all, Loria persuaded the council to pay for most of the deal — all but $120 million worth — with taxes.

Loria, who earned his billions selling art, is officially the Rembrandt of chutzpah.

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Abel Iraola
Abel Iraola

The thing is that Loria DIDN'T sell the stadium to the taxpayers- he sold it to the corrupt commissions that time and time again refused to give everyone in Miami and in the county a voice by letting us vote on approving or disapproving the stadium.