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Best Caesar Salad Miami 2009 - Loftin's at Casa Casuarina - CLOSED

Loftin\'s at Casa Casuarina

Loftin's at Casa Casuarina

1116 Ocean Drive

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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There's something poetically appropriate about ordering a caesar salad, one of the most ubiquitous of Ocean Drive's culinary offerings, in a spot that put the frenzied strip on the map. Earlier this year, Casa Casuarina — AKA the Versace Mansion — opened its restaurant to the public with a menu of exquisite Mediterranean fare. Chef Dale Rey's version of the pre-dinner salad is composed of the crispest romaine dressed with an ethereal garlic-and-olive-oil emulsion accompanied by flatbread "croutons" and plump marinated anchovies. The salad will set you back $13, less than the price of a cocktail in a South Beach club. It's best enjoyed in the mosaic-tiled courtyard, as Madonna no doubt did countless times before selling her manse and heading north.

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Dale Rey is a loser. He has absolutely no culinary ability. If he wasnt stealling food from Laurant Torendel and other chef obviously better than him ( or atleast one with talent, unlike him). His ability to staff is less than par, his sous chef at Casa Casaurina was even worse with food than he was. His only saving grace was a Garde Manger cook who could see how faultered his food was and made small but major changes that made his food atleast edible. after letting this cook go so did the food get (let go). That is why dale rey was let go of his executive position at the mansion with in a year.