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Best Adult Video Stores Miami 2009 - Adult Supermarket and J&R Books & Video

Adult Supermarket and J&R Books & Video

7481 Bird Road

Miami, FL 33155


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From the outside, these two establishments look like they'd have to be connected. Come on, who would put two porn shops directly next to each other? But look closer and you'll see there are actually a couple of inches of space where one wall stops and another begins. To your left, a sign heralds "Adult & Non-Adult Video," while the other side gets to the point with just "Adult Video." Choose which hole — um, doorway — you want poke yourself into and you couldn't be in for a bigger surprise. On the left, Adult Supermarket is the kind of classy porn shop you'd take a girlfriend to, if a classy porn shop actually exists. There are well-kept displays, bright lighting, and tastefully mirrored walls. You don't have to think twice about touching anything. Then there's J&R Books & Video. Despite having the more subtle name of these straight-up I'm-here-to-find-something-to-get-me-off shops, this place comes complete with video viewing booths (if you don't know, you probably don't want to). Together they're like no other two naughty spots that happen to be close to each other: One is classy and traditional; the other is a little freaky.

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