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Best Video Rental Store Miami 2008 - Porky's Video Club

Porky's Video Club

2690 W. 12th Ave.

Hialeah, FL 33010


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You want to watch the latest release on DVD, but you know that if you buy it, you'll watch it only once and then the thing will gather dust or serve as a coaster. So what do you do? You head to the nearest rental store and shell out seven or eight bucks for a movie you'll watch once. You'll pay a price equal to that of a movie ticket, and you won't even get the theater experience. But if you head to Porky's Video Club in Hialeah, you'll leave with a few more dollars in your wallet. Porky's is old-school; it still has some VHS releases in the back. Membership is free, and each movie costs $2.50 to rent. There's a large stock — and games too. And new releases come in just as fast as at any chain store. The place has been around since the Eighties, and it feels like it. Every time you step through the doors, you can't help but hear "I Ran" by A Flock of Seagulls playing in the back of your head.
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Fannie Baez
Fannie Baez

just wanted to say i used to work at Porky's Video Club when i was a samll child the best people you will ever meet and in your life. thank for a great ad