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Best Venue for Live Music Miami 2008 - The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater

When concert-production company Live Nation announced a rebranding of several storied music venues across the country, to be named after San Francisco's historic Fillmore, more than a few eyebrows raised. But Miami was one of the cities to benefit most from the retooling, with the company's takeover of the Jackie Gleason Theater. Sure, it boasted a star-studded past, but in recent years it had become a stale, moribund, pastel hulk used only intermittently. After several months of construction, the venue emerged, butterfly-style, a completely different being. With a cozy interior of dark colors and low lighting, tons of bars, and a revamped stage complete with stylish red velvet curtains, finally, here was a place where you'd actually want to hang out. And with a flexible capacity of several hundred up to a couple thousand, it fills in a much-needed venue gap in South Florida for bands that are too big for clubs but want to play a more intimate spot than an arena. The eclectic lineup has included everyone from Ricky Martin on opening night, to prog-futurists The Mars Volta, to no less than Jay-Z, in a pre-arena-gig "dress rehearsal." In short, it's a coup for both live-music-starved South Beach and for music fans who are now spared the drive to Broward and beyond.
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What a bad analysis, everybody knows that a concert hall is good for live music, why not the American Airlines arena or the Madison Square Garden. Reward the effort of the venues that play the music of the bands of Miami!!!! Wake up editor. Daniel