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Best Under-the-Radar Restaurant Miami 2008 - Indomania



131 26th St.

Miami Beach, FL 33140


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Did you know jaja is an Indonesian word for "fishing net," but jaja jaja indicates an AC electrical outlet? Didn't think so. Indonesia isn't the world's highest-profile country, nor is its cuisine globally embraced like that of China, Italy, or Mexico. So it isn't surprising that Indomania hasn't stirred a mania among the masses. The location on 26th Street off the corner of Collins Avenue in Miami Beach doesn't exactly shout out for attention. Neither the humble Dutch husband-wife owners nor the modest, informal setting are the sorts that grab front-page headlines. All Indomania offers is an array of tempting traditional Dutch-Indonesian cooking in a friendly atmosphere and at excellent prices (appetizers $6 to $12, all main courses $20 and under). To wit: Rijstaffel, a plentiful "rice table" with eight plates of different tastes (just $22 per person); nasi goreng, a.k.a. fried rice with a kick; and two exceptional house specialties — duck or snapper steamed in a banana leaf with Balinese herbs. Next time you are looking for a no-fuss place for dinner, aim your radar a bit below the obvious choices.

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If you have never tried Indonesian food, you are missing out ! True flavorful indonesian food can be found in Holland and the islands of Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire. It's rare to find a restaurant state side that serves authentic Indonesian. Well, not anymore. This place is amazing. Excellent service, delicious Indo food and wonderful ambiance ! Highly recommend it ! We drive all the way from Coral Springs to come dine here. Despite fuel being so expensive in the times we live, this place is STILL worth the 40 mile drive. Bravo !