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Best TV Show Shot in Miami Miami 2008 - Dexter

Dexter isn't just a murderous psychopath; he is a Miami psychopath. In the first episode, he relates his hunger for blood to some people smashing stone crab claws at a fair. He disposes of his victims' bodies in Biscayne Bay and revels in his knowledge that Miami's police department is unlikely to catch him.

Michael C. Hall (from HBO's Six Feet Under) is Emmy-worthy as the psychopathic vigilante. He has mastered the silent stare of the homicidal maniac, sending chills through the viewer when the camera slowly closes in on his steely eyes and sadistic smile. Despite Dexter's murderous nature, Hall's performance actually makes you sympathize with the character as he seeks out only other killers (no innocents, no children) to chop into pieces.

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Anthony Camilo
Anthony Camilo

I guess fact checking is not in the books for the Miami New Times. This show is shot in Los Angeles, with a few establishing shots done in Miami. If anything, the category should be "Best TV Show Set In Miami But Not Shot In Miami Because Of Fear Of Hurricanes"


they shot 1 episode in miami ...the fuckin pilot...