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Best Of Winner

Best Supporting Actress

Jade Wheeler

It's tempting to grant this award to "the women of Ruined," because the production was such a vital showcase for talented, dynamic women of color, whose extraordinary sum could not be realized without each significant part. But if forced to single out one of them, we give the honor to...
Best Of Winner

Best Supporting Actress

Lela Elam

This award could easily have gone to a dozen other actors from Judas Iscariot, whose characters were as big, bright, and sharply drawn as only a three-hour play with an almost perfect cast can allow. But Lela Elam brought it with an intensity rare even for her (which is saying...

The Carbonell Awards

7 years ago by Elvis Ramirez
At the Carbonell Awards last night, my boyfriend and I sat right next to a cameraman in the Amaturo Theater at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. We wore tuxes, and we looked cute. Everybody else looked cute, too. The real winner at last night’s Carbonell Awards was actress...

The Emma Award for Best Adaption

19 years ago by Todd Anthony
Emma viewers may need reassurance that they haven't just wandered into a screening of last year's acclaimed Jane Austen adaption, Sense and Sensibility. The two films share a wealth of connections with a real-life Emma -- Thompson, that is. Although she isn't starring in this current film, the distinguished English...

Ruined Dominates Miami at Carbonell Awards

2 years ago by John Thomason
"I've wanted another one of these for so long," a gracious Lela Elam said last night as she accepted the Carbonell Award for Best Actress in a Play for her work in GableStage's Ruined. "I think they just look better as a set."For Elam, who won a Carbonell in 2008 for GableStage's...
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