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Best Spanish-Language TV Personality Miami 2008 - Jaime Bayly

Ay, Jaime. A voice so calming, a manner so disarming. Each weekday evening, the thoughtful Peruvian journalist pops onto Mega TV at 10 on that beloved screen in your living room. Este muchachito feels like a confidante, one of your smart friends, as he playfully yet wryly dishes about Latin American and U.S. politics. He should be good; his TV career spans 25 years. In front of a black, sparse backdrop, the bespectacled and always-suited broadcaster conducts interviews with the directness of Larry King and the suavidad of Diane Sawyer. Bayly's simple yet thoughtful quality adds a whole dimension to Spanish-language television. He's bliss in a world often dominated by fart jokes, scantily clad dancers, and lowbrow love stories.

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He is not much of the journalist or intelectual, however he is an egotistical, hedonistic, low-valued right wing-minded icon, who likes to brainwash the youngters about with his perturbed and vicous sexual life while playing clown for the current goverment and avoid to be kicked out.You are the living embarrasment for the country