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Best Of Winner

Best Set Design

I Am My Own Wife

Everybody on the South Florida theater scene knows Michael McKeever can write. His plays scoop up statuettes every awards season. But this production heralded a new revelation for the prolific actor/playwright: He can design breathtaking sets, too. As aesthetically innovative as it was thematically expressive, his vision for the museum...

The Best Movies of 2008

6 years ago by Scott Foundas
Is it a sign of the apocalypse? Something in the water? Or is it just the way the wind is blowing? Whatever the case, when our often-contentious quintet of film critics put their heads together about the best movies of 2008, they somehow agreed (more or less) on a dozen...

A Look Back at Hoodstock 2008

7 years ago by Jonathan Cunningham
Hoodstock 2008 Saturday, January 3, 2008 James L. Knight Center Better Than: Watching Senator Clinton trying desperately to be funny during ABC’s Democratic Debate. While the Nation transfixed their eyes on their television screens, enraptured by both the Republican and Democrat Debates in New Hampshire over the weekend, it was...

Letters from the Issue of May 22, 2008

Best or No? In response to "Best of Miami" 2008 (May 15): I've noticed a trend in your yearly "Best Of" editions, especially when it comes to the restaurant listings. Whatever the "hot" restaurant or "restaurant-of-the-moment" is in a given category at the time of publication, it appears that particular...

Ruined Dominates Miami at Carbonell Awards

2 years ago by John Thomason
"I've wanted another one of these for so long," a gracious Lela Elam said last night as she accepted the Carbonell Award for Best Actress in a Play for her work in GableStage's Ruined. "I think they just look better as a set."For Elam, who won a Carbonell in 2008 for GableStage's...
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