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Best Roti/South Miami 2008 - Caribbean Delite - CLOSED

Caribbean Delite

Caribbean Delite

9491 SW 160th St.

Palmetto Bay, FL 33157


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The treatment an American customer will receive in a typical Trinidadian restaurant in Miami is quite similar to that on the island. Trinis don't make a fuss over strangers. The oil-rich island doesn't need your tourist money, and the natives aren't falling all over themselves to lick your toenails. You'll notice that vibe at Caribbean Delite. It's friendly indifference. Nobody's trying to show you a menu, teach you how to order, or even pronounce the names of the exotic-sounding foods. "What's roti? What's the difference between paratha and dhalpurie?" you might hear a Yank wonder. There may or may not be a response from the store owner, so allow us to tell you how to pronounce them and what they are. Say roh-tee. Pah-rah-tah. Dal-poo-ree.

Roti is Trini soul food — curried meats reveal the Indo-Caribbean influence, although it isn't a traditionally East Indian thing. It's beloved throughout the West Indies, but based primarily in Trinidad. Picture a soft-as-a-baby's-blanket flatbread wrapped around chunks of curried meat and veggies. Yum. Roti is the name of the soft flatbread as well as the meal. At Caribbean Delite, you can order dhalpurie, which has a thin skin that reveals a sprinkling of dried chickpeas. Paratha (also known as buss-up-shut — "bust-up shirt" — for its torn, clothlike appearance) is served separately in a heavy Styrofoam box.; you do the rippin', dippin', and curry-wrappin' yourself with your bare hands. Oh yeah, roti is a food you devour eagerly with both hands, so leave your prissy American manners and expectations behind. Get the boneless chicken meal for $7.76, and be prepared to be full all day.

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Correction..... dhalpuri does not have a sprinkling of dried chick peas in it. It is stuffed with ground split peas mixed with typical trini Indian seasonings and the home made version is pretty stuffed so that when you tear it apart healthy prortions of the dhal falls out and mixes with the meat and vegies and makes it even more delicious...roti is the ultimate wrap...the most delicious version of Americans' new food alternative...the wrap. You still did not cover all the varieties of roti. thers's also the sada roti which is the trini version of a pita bread, either made with whole wheat or white flour and eaten with cooked veggies and or meat...yummy, especially since I'm talking about the homemade meal in the world...Necia