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Best Restaurant When You're Paying Miami 2008 - Dolores but You Can Call Me Lolita

Dolores but You Can Call Me Lolita

Dolores but You Can Call Me Lolita

1000 S. Miami Ave.

Miami, FL 33130


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This newcomer to the Miami dining scene is located on South Miami Avenue near downtown, but you can call it the old Firehouse Four building. The two-level restaurant is stylishly decorated, but you can call it duplex chic. For a prix-fixe charge of either $18 or $23, diners begin with a choice among some 15 soups, salads, and appetizers, plus an entrée selected from a listing under each price range, but you can call it a clever and appealing menu. Starters include watercress salad with marinated chicken and Serrano ham, duck and cheese quesadillas, and Vietnamese salmon egg rolls, but you can call them yummy. Eighteen-dollar dinners encompass pork tenderloin, short rib ravioli, and linguine with pesto and shrimp, and $23 gets you grilled Picanha steak, veal churrasco, or Kobe beef burgers, but you can call it all a great deal either way. A dozen wines are poured by the glass for $10 and under, and desserts such as mango carpaccio and coconut crème brûlée are $2.50 each, but you can call the person to whom you owe a dinner, invite him or her to Dolores but You Can Call Me Lolita, and call it money and an evening well spent.

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This restaurant is cute, that's about all.If you like getting served rotten tomatoes, then I would say this place is where you need to be!There is No Way that the person preparing my meal did not notice slicing and placing Rotten Tomatoes on my sandwich! As I went back up to the counter to show my findings, all I could say is disgusting! The manager was apologetic and asked if I wanted anything else. No way, not even if you paid me!