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Best Restaurant for Intimate Conversation Miami 2008 - North One 10 - CLOSED

North One 10

North One 10

11052 Biscayne Blvd.

North Miami, FL 33161


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Monday: "You don't love me anymore!" he says to his wife with a fury, between bites of North One 10's signature pan-seared crabcake with whole-grain mustard aioli and apple-calabaza salad ($16).

"I haven't loved you for a long time," she replies matter-of-factly, before commenting on the earthy notes of her 2006 Erath Pinot Noir ($46), savvily selected by general manager Dale LoSasso (chef Dewey's wife) from the eclectic wine list. "I will always love Pinot Noir, though," she says, her voice suddenly cheery.

Thursday: "I adore the cozy ambiance here," she observes, noting the gently curved walls with stained-glass treatments, tin ceiling, and soft amber glow. "And the waitstaff does everything it needs to without intruding on, say, sensitive conversations. As for this cornmeal-crusted wahoo with spinach wasabi salad and brown caper butter ($19) — I guess it's just something I'll never grow tired of."

"I don't give a damn about the décor," he replies with a snarl, but then tastes the pomegranate barbecue double-cut pork chop with roasted purple potatoes, root vegetable slaw, and Indonesian almonds (only $19!) — what LoSasso calls "comfort food with an edge" — and totally forgets what they were talking about.

She leans over and takes a forkful from his plate while flashing that alluringly sly smile of hers.

Maybe she still loves me after all, he thinks, his heart suddenly swelled with hope.

Saturday: "So you like the place, huh?" is about all he can think to say while immersed in his dessert of red-wine-roasted pears with ginger sabayon cream sauce ($7). "My ex-wife liked it too. We were divorced yesterday."

"Of course I like the place. Everyone does. The food, service, and wines are second-to-none. And I adore the décor. Now stop being so mopey and pass the sugar," his escort replies.

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Sophia P.
Sophia P.

North 110 is the most intimate, most delicious restaurant you can find in South Florida. My experience was great - the waiter was helpful and amicable, the food exquisite, and the atmosphere lovely. I went there for my anniversary and the restaurant made the date perfect. I had the salmon, which was the best I've ever tasted, and the macaroni, equally good. My boyfriend had the short rib and the garlic mashed potato and says he would recommend it to anyone. I loved North 110!

Pedro Max
Pedro Max

This is the first time I've ever made a comment about a restaurant (good or bad). I had dinner at No. 110 last night and while the service was in keeping with the level of the restaurant I did find the food to be off. The parmigiano fritters were good but know that they and the parmigiano sauce they come with are heavy. The grilled salmon failed to wow me in any way. The sauted collard greens were still tough and rough. Not at all tender. The braised short rib was drier than it should have been and the garlic mash had way too many cloves of garlic in it. In the end, both my dinner companion and I spent the night with a bad case of indigestion. Can't say I would really recommend the place after this experience.