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Best Quote Miami 2008 - Coral Gables Mayor Don Slesnick

Maybe ole Don didn't know what show he was on. The Coral Gables mayor was tapped to comment on the city's ban on pickup trucks on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report for a February segment called "People Destroying America." No, Slesnick is not the one destroying America; that honor goes to Lowell Kuvin, who has been fighting the town for years for the right to park his pickup truck at home overnight.

Here's what the City Beautiful's honcho had to say about the narcotic effect of those four-wheeled menaces: "It's pickup trucks today, tomorrow it'll be larger trucks, and then the next day probably commercial vehicles, and finally we might have swamp buggies out in the street."

"And nobody wants swamp buggies," Colbert intoned ominously.

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Lisa Strutton
Lisa Strutton

Don't that guy has anything better to fight for than the right to park his pickup at home overnight?


@Lisa Strutton  Yes, keeping the Coral Gables trolley garage out of Coconut Grove. Thanks for asking.