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Best Plant Nursery Miami 2008 - Galloway Farm Nursery

Galloway Farm Nursery

Galloway Farm Nursery

7790 Galloway Road

Kendale Lakes, FL 33173


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The soil must be more fertile on Galloway Road. Or at least the businesses near South Dixie Highway make it seem that way. Not far from the venerable Norman Bros. Produce, you can buy high-quality earth at Parker Sod and stock up on gorgeous flowering plants at the neighboring Galloway Farm Nursery. Here you can find bright, blooming jewels for your front yard, lush green filler plants, and hardy Florida bromeliads. The specialty of this bountiful, beautiful place is butterfly gardening, and they have everything you need to create an enviable spot for feeding and egg-laying. Bleeding hearts cascading with red and white flowers cost $14; good ol' red and yellow milkweed sells for $3.95 apiece. The Dutchman's Pipe is $16.95 and sprouts a stunning purple blossom that's practically the size of your palm. Green-minded gardeners (aren't we all?) can solve pest problems by buying some ladybugs. And if you have a brown thumb, there's a dazzling assortment of urns and outdoor yard art, including Pottery by Campania of Quakertown, Pennsylvania, and imported Italian clay.
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She's right. The whole staff except for the Asian lady is ungracious. They are clueless about good customer service, but they want your money and will smile if you buy expensive plants.


Best Nursery! get real these people are clueless and rude to boot. the lady that runs the place has a thing or two to learn about customer service skills. they will be very nice to you though if you buy a ninety dollar orchid arrangement. if you go to buy a 5 dollar plant and ask questions go elsewhere you wont be well received at least i was not.