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Best Of Winner

Best Place to Learn to Kill Someone with One Punch

The Kung Fu Connection

Deep within the dynasty of North Miami, Si Fu Gus Rubio imparts the ancient arts of Shaolin and Cheung Kune Pai Kung Fu. He knows the animal forms — monkey, dragon, crane, etc. — like the back of his iron palm. Laden with stoic statuary, ancient weapons, and students of...

Reach Out and Help Someone

21 years ago by Art Levine
It always starts with a voice in the night. "Switchboard of Miami. How can we help you?" "I'm tired, I'm real tired," the caller says softly, his words a bit slurred with fatigue and liquor, and on this Thursday night the volunteer who answers the call in the switchboard's fourth-floor...

Your Safety, Their Punch Line

10 years ago by Adam Baum
Not long ago a red-white-and-blue flyer appeared on the bulletin board in my work area at Miami International Airport. I'm a baggage screener for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). No doubt the flyer was posted to boost our morale, which desperately needs boosting, or maybe just to reinforce our self-righteousness,...

A Look Back at Hoodstock 2008

7 years ago by Jonathan Cunningham
Hoodstock 2008 Saturday, January 3, 2008 James L. Knight Center Better Than: Watching Senator Clinton trying desperately to be funny during ABC’s Democratic Debate. While the Nation transfixed their eyes on their television screens, enraptured by both the Republican and Democrat Debates in New Hampshire over the weekend, it was...

2008 Dolphins Mock Draft

7 years ago by Elvis Ramirez
I’ve been writing about the Dolphins draft in one form or another since 2005. More often than not, I have been right, they have been wrong. A quick re-cap: 2005: I said the Fins should draft Braylon Edwards. They took Ronnie Brown instead. Now, Edwards is blowing shit up in...
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