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Best Of Winner

Best Place to Get Your Boho-Chic On

The Little Big Store

Wikipedia (we know, a really reliable source) defines boho-chic as "a style of female fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences." Walking into this kaleidoscopic Commodore Plaza boutique, it's hard not to notice all the groovy gems. Brilliant blue lapis lazuli ($145) and green swirly malachite ($75) pendants sit...

Steak House Chic

11 years ago by Pamela Robin Brandt
Back in 1915, the year Miami Beach became a city, Brown's Hotel was the place to hang out. Actually it was the only place to hang if you insisted on amenities like a place to sit down or a roof over your head. Joe's Stone Crab, predating the city's founding...

A Look Back at Hoodstock 2008

7 years ago by Jonathan Cunningham
Hoodstock 2008 Saturday, January 3, 2008 James L. Knight Center Better Than: Watching Senator Clinton trying desperately to be funny during ABC’s Democratic Debate. While the Nation transfixed their eyes on their television screens, enraptured by both the Republican and Democrat Debates in New Hampshire over the weekend, it was...

Best Latin Rhythms of 2008

6 years ago by Julienne Gage
Buika Niña de Fuego (WEA International) Afro-Spanish artist Buika epitomizes cultural and ethnic diversity. Over three decades ago, her parents fled political turmoil in the former Spanish colony of Equatorial Guinea and made a new life for themselves in a gypsy neighborhood on the island of Mallorca. After stints as...

The Best Movies of 2008

6 years ago by Scott Foundas
Is it a sign of the apocalypse? Something in the water? Or is it just the way the wind is blowing? Whatever the case, when our often-contentious quintet of film critics put their heads together about the best movies of 2008, they somehow agreed (more or less) on a dozen...
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