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Best Place to Find Your Inner Chonga Miami 2008 - U.S. Tops

U.S. Tops

3721 NW Seventh St.

Doral, FL 33126


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Don't go to U.S. Tops expecting to find haute couture or anything that graces the pages of Vogue. This place is bad-ass, not Bal Harbour. Think tiny tank tops; doll-size, acid-washed capris; and tight T-shirts with sexually suggestive sayings. This is a store for the young (and wannabe young) women who love door-knocker earrings, name-plate necklaces, and Sharpie lip-liner — the females popularized in 2007's "Chongalicious" song. Most of the fabric includes spandex or polyester and looks ludicrous on anyone over the age of 17 with more than three percent body fat. Prices, however, are excellent. Where else can you get a pair of pink stretchy hot pants for $4.99, other than at the flea market (which is kinda dangerous and has all those funny smells)? Still, if you're hankering for cheap club wear (or you're just cheap), this is the place to go.
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I loved U.S. top in high schoool and no I didn't wear crazy earrings or name plate necklaces. It's cheap and when you have the body to rock the outfits why not. Everybody at my school asked me where I got my clothes from because they loved them. Orlando finaly got one but in my days I went to Miami to shop.


lmao i love this store .. white girl.. hahahaha sexyy stuff !!