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Best Place to Find Your Inner Chonga

U.S. Tops

Don't go to U.S. Tops expecting to find haute couture or anything that graces the pages of Vogue. This place is bad-ass, not Bal Harbour. Think tiny tank tops; doll-size, acid-washed capris; and tight T-shirts with sexually suggestive sayings. This is a store for the young (and wannabe young) women...


8 years ago by Tamara Lush
One recent misty Saturday night at the Main Street shopping center in Miami Lakes, a few doors away from Victoria's Secret and down the street from Ruby Tuesday, two young celebrities mingled with their adoring fans. It happened inside Johnny Rockets, a retro-looking diner decked out in red leather booths,...

La Pageant Diva's Elika Crespo on Chongas, Black Swan, and Hialeah

4 years ago by J.J. Colagrande
La Pageant Diva, whether you think it was warranted or not, received the loudest cheer at the Borscht Film Festival. The hilarious satire of glamor, beauty pageantry, and celebrity obsession parodied such movies as Black Swan and The Birdcage. It stood out when juxtaposed against some of the more artsy, complicated work of...

Best Local Music Albums of 2008

It's been a good year for the South Florida music scene. Talented upstart artists who were expected to break out exceeded expectations. Already established acts released stellar projects as well. There's a lot of good music coming out of the region (enough to make any local audiophile proud), so here's...
Best Of Winner


Miami is a fairy tale. The restaurants are dreamy. The stores are magical. Even Biscayne Bay is at times enchanted. Read on, and you'll find 437 of the best ways to survive the summer sizzle. For the lonely, there's the best place for a first date: the Upper Eastside Garden...
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