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Best Place to Buy Tobacco Miami 2008 - Smoke Shop

Smoke Shop

Smoke Shop

130 SE 3rd Ave.

Miami, FL 33131


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For some reason — and despite the fact that Miami would probably ban poor people from bars before stopping the wealthy from smoking in them — it's hard to find rolling tobacco around here. And when you do find it, usually on Miami Beach, the prices are marked way up — six, seven, even eight bucks for a bag of something decent. And for the kind of do-it-yourself, hardy type of person who prefers to roll his or her own, that's just too wacky for a bag of tobacky. So get sane. Head for the humbly named but ornately decorated Smoke Shop, where bags of the finest rolling tobacco available on the American market — that would be Bali Shag, of course — are only four dollars, as reasonable a price as you'll find anywhere. So roll 'em fat and smoke 'em down! And when you're ready to quit, remember: You'll never waste more than four bucks throwing it all out.
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