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Best Place to Buy a Used Bike Miami 2008 - Broken Spoke Bike Shop

Broken Spoke Bike Shop

10451 NW 7th Ave.

Miami, FL 33150


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You wish you had a bike, but you don't want to spend any money. You looked on Craigslist, but blah blah blah. We understand. This is what you need to do: Get your ass to the Broken Spoke, even if it means crossing water, and buy a bike already. Chris Marshall, the owner, is a friendly, fun-loving dude who's a total nut for bikes. He hand-built the glistening chrome-plated tricycle he calls "Double Trouble," in the corner — and he'll hook you up at a reasonable price. If you just want a cruiser or a cheap mountain bike, he's always got a nice selection out front, most of them under a hundred bucks. We bought a clean little number for our kid at a stunningly low $25. If you're in the market for something faster, walk on in and see what's hanging from the ceiling — there's always something good.
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Luis Izquierdo
Luis Izquierdo

I have a Marin Portofino bike that was given to me in February of 2010 i used it once to ride for 10 miles. And i need to get ride of it. It has not been used since april and would like to find out if i can sell to you, it is candy apple red and the bike is brand new. Please let me know if i can go by and show you so we can deal. I can take to you on friday or saturday of this week.

Thank You, Luis Izquierdo


A New Yorker who has just arrived in Aventura and I need a bikeA nice looking but cheap one to get around town. I just phoned you but I guess you are closed today.

Please phone me if you should have anything.. and how far is your shop from Aventura?

Darlene mobile 914 295 4513

Gustavo rodriguez
Gustavo rodriguez

HOLA. soy de URUGUAYEstoy bucando bicicletas , usadas en buen estado para vender en mi pais

Gustavo rodriguez
Gustavo rodriguez

Hola.Soy de uruguay y estoy bucano comprar bicicletas en buen estado usadas. para revender un mi pais. Saludos