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Best Miami Herald Reporter Miami 2008 - Jay Weaver

Maybe it's because Miami is such an international place; maybe it's because we've just got so much damn crime — but whatever the reason, the Magic City's juiciest stories always seem to wind up playing out in federal court, and that's where the Herald's Jay Weaver comes in. Weaver has covered the tribunales full time for about four years. Over the past year, he has guided South Floridians through the complexities of former Panamanian general Manuel Noriega's battles with extradition, the wave of rampant Medicare fraud, and, of course, the trial of alleged terrorist José Padilla. Soft-spoken, friendly, unfailingly gracious in person — no small feat at the Herald, where a fair number of writers have the personality of poison ivy — he's also a hell of a good reporter. When seven Miamians were arrested and charged, among other things, with conspiring to blow up the Sears Tower nearly two years ago, Weaver put his nose to the ground. Months before the trial began, he unraveled for readers what is probably the most haphazard and absurd case brought by the Bush administration since ... well, since the last absurd case in the war on terror. When defendant Lyglenson Lemorin was acquitted, and then hauled off to a deportation center anyway, Weaver visited the man's wife and wrote about the Haitian-American family's struggle to remain intact — in terse, pointed language, as always. "Lyglenson Lemorin, acquitted of terrorism charges last week in federal court in Miami," he wrote, "is still a guilty man in the eyes of the U.S. government."

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Joe Davis
Joe Davis

FOR: Jay Weaver.. I would like to tell you how Medicare is throwing away billions of dollars, IF you want to investigate this, contact me at E-mail, or on phone. 636-456-4012 in evenings only, with a recorder hooked in. NO, I'm not a quack.... J Davis

alan brown
alan brown

I read your in the aarp bulletin. It was thought provoking and I read it with great interest. I am just wondering why our ss# is on our medicare card? Why can't it be issued withe just a number scrambled numbers or letters? You cover Medicare maybe you can invesyiage and come up with some answers. Certinly future cards can issued that way. This will offer protection and maybe help eliminate medicare .fraud

Jackie Houser
Jackie Houser

I read yur article in the AARp / I have a situation on going with Fraud where mymom is in the nursing home and can not get anyone tolook at. My mom was physcially abused by another man at Golden Living Center in Thomston Ga and I had the State of Georgia investigatge . I just got back the results of the investigation and it stated because it was other residents who observed the incendent and (they claimed) not staabel they could not say whether the incident really happened. However, I went to visit my mom Labor Sunday and her face had been hit and bruised and swollen. Moms roommate said another man resident came into moms room and attacked her. 2 weeks ago I changed moms clothes and the following week when I went to see her she was wearing the same clothes which told me she had not been given a bath for 1 week! All this ws brought to the attentio of the administrator there and dthe home office in Arkansas.

I am POA for my mom therefore Medicare sent me the billing of Drs at the nursing home for mom. Each month the Director of the nursing hme Dr. billls me over $4500 a Mont and never sees never sees never sees her!!!!!!!!!!!!I have aske and asked for abreak dow for what these charges are for and the nursing home ignores my request. the dame Dr. is on the boar at the hospital 1 mile away !! Someone needs to inestigate as if he is charging my mom $4500 and there are 80 paitients in this facility what a schame!!!!!

Can I forward yu these documents and can you get someone reliabel and trustful to truely look at what I am telling YOu. This Dr. covered up the abuse as he had moms face xray yet told the investigator mom only scratched her face. Why wouold you have an xray done if she only scratched her face?The Dr. in mention is Ralph Warnock Thomaston, Ga. 30286 Control number for Medicare 20922304211302CAA listed under Beverly Health and REhaitati 310 Avenue F Thomston, Ga 30286 3829

If he never sees my mom yet bills $4500 every month I co

could have had mom in a real hospital for a whole month!!

Can you find someone trustworthy who will really really look into this. I called SS in Washington fraud line and they werent interested??? Or can you forward my letter to someone who is on the investigation side to look into othis for me. This nursing hme takes every dime mom gets and the care is sterrible and still still still charges an addisdtional $4500 month for what??


Jackie Houser1 226 Whitfield Walk, Zebulon, Ga. 30295

I have a husband at home who is disable but if you take your time in calling our house and make sure he takes sthe spelling of the person and contact phne number I will call the person back.

Hope to hear from you