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Best Massage Miami 2008 - Uhma Spa

Uhma Spa

726 6th St.

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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Uhma Spa combines a healthy environment and pure, decadent ecstasy for your mind, body, and spirit. The beautifully tranquil place is bedecked to resemble the interior of a tree; rounded wood corners, green accents, stone vases, and mossy walls add to the ambiance. You can have a waterless pedicure or an organic botanical facial. But what you really need is a massage. Uhma is amazing. Professional masseuses employ Thai, hot stone, and shiatsu techniques to exorcise the rock-hard knots in your shoulders, thighs, and lower back. The primal relaxation massage costs $110 for 60 minutes of bliss. It is worth every penny. The masseuse slathers on your choice of the in-house Uhma Nagri massage oil. Once the tension in your back and shoulders disappears, you'll likely drift off to Neverland. Don't feel bad — it's a compliment to their skills. Uhma also offers a variety of Asian and French wet and dry massage techniques. Other options on the menu include the Sabai Herbal Ball massage ($170 for 90 minutes), which involves the use of a warm — you guessed it — herbal ball, and the Tian Di Bamboo ($120 for an hour), which uses warm bamboo sticks to apply deep pressure and heat. The spa is part of the new Wellness on 6th mini shopping district of holistic and organic stores in Miami Beach, which all in all is pretty cool.
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