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Best Local Songwriter Miami 2008 - Afrobeta

With their infectious rhythms and dance-a-licious beats, Afrobeta's songs are classic yet modern, borderline underground yet so Billboard chart-friendly. Cristina "Cuci Amador" Garcia's pop sensibility resonates through a blend of bilingual proficiencies that even Shakira might covet, while Tony "Smurphio" Laurencio burns holes through his Moog keyboards with funky fire. It wouldn't be surprising to find Afrobeta writing songs for the likes of Madonna or even M.I.A. But for now, Miami is lucky to have the duo performing on a regular basis; the two are a match made in disco-house heaven.
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gordon myers
gordon myers

this could be the beginning of a long career.BeeGees , Gloria , KC ,Uncle Luke ..........Afrobeta will be added to this list of Miami classics