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Best Local Clothing Designer

Nektar De Stagni

With a name equal parts Greek god and New Jersey Mafioso, Nektar De Stagni stands out. You can spot her pretty much anywhere worth being spotted, wearing a pimp fedora that screams, "I grew up in Miami in the Eighties!" and the clothes she designs have a similar homegrown pedigree...

This Pixie-Like Clothes Designer Will Wow You at Art Walk

2 years ago by Carlos Suarez De Jesus
Second Saturday Art Walk February 9: At Swampspace, Meet Pixie-Like Clothes Designer Lea Nickless Pixie-Like Clothes Designer at Art Walk February 9

The emperor's borrowed clothes

13 years ago by Celeste Fraser Delgado
Enrique Iglesias is in trouble. The disc he is lip-synching to skips. "Hero/hero/hero/hero," he mouths, jerking at the mike until a midget shakes him back on track. A midget? Okay, the singer in the backward baseball cap is not really the atonal Iglesias; it's star impersonator Julio Sabala. The midget,...

Men and Women of the Cloth

18 years ago by Judy Cantor
In Miami, summer is the best time to visit a museum. While crowds, unfortunately, are never a big problem at our local art institutions, on a weekday during the summer months a person can often have the run of the exhibition space, with only the museum guards for company. And...

Local Designer Gustavo Alonso Wins Diet Coke Young Designer Challenge

3 years ago by Vanessa Martin
We can't think of a beverage that screams "fashion" more than a Diet Coke. Fashion means skinny, and a Diet Coke is the alternative to a well-balanced breakfast of skinny fashion bitches everywhere.Just in time for all the New York Fashion Week fuss, Diet Coke cans underwent a makeover, and...
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