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Best Lobster Bisque Miami 2008 - Barrio Latino

Barrio Latino

Barrio Latino

3585 NE 207th St.

Aventura, FL 33180


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God promised a land flowing with milk and honey, but maybe people would have paid more attention if He had offered a land flowing with lobster bisque from Barrio Latino. Cream is much more heavenly than milk anyway, and this bisque is loaded. It's a buttery, rich bowl of joy. Sweet lobster meat floats serenely, grateful it was never canned. A hint of sherry highlights the end of each sip. If you want to experience this bliss, you must arrive on a weekend, for it is served only Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. You won't need to go to confession before arriving, but you will need to hand over six bucks.

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I agree. I've been looking for good lobster bisque soup, but can't find any.


The link to the restaurant's website is a dead end. Let's try to include important information like addresses and telephone numbers in the reviews in the future, ok?