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Best Hot Dog Miami 2008 - La Perrada de Edgar

La Perrada de Edgar

La Perrada de Edgar

6976 Collins Ave.

Miami Beach, FL 33141


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Scene: A distraught man is sitting in a psychiatrist's office.

Doctor: Sometimes a hot dog is just a hot dog.

Patient: No, you don't understand. It isn't just that this hot dog is Colombian-style, which means fatter and juicier than those little wieners they hand out at those cruddy chains. And it isn't that La Perrada's dogs are addictive, nestled in those fresh, plush buns. It's the toppings, doc. The toppings are driving me mad!

Doctor: Please, lower your voice. If people in the waiting room hear you screaming about frankfurters, they'll think you're crazy.

Patient: Crazy? I'll give you crazy. How about Edgar Gomez, a former fashion designer, turning into the hot dog's top dog in Bogotá before letting his dogs out on the Little Colombia stretch of Collins Avenue and 70th Street? And if you want frickin' crazy, how about putting sausage, mozzarella, pineapple, potato sticks, and cheese sauce on a hot dog? Or the same mix but with shrimp and crab instead of pineapple? Or — heavens to Betsy — pineapple, peaches, plums, and whipped cream. On a frankfurter! And they all cost less than five dollars!

Doctor: Sometimes chopped onions and pickle relish are just chopped onions and — wait, did you say pineapple, peaches, plums, and whipped cream?

Patient: Yes, thank goodness you're finally catching on.

Doctor: I'm afraid our time is up. Well, maybe it's a little early, but we'll add it to next week's session. I've just been consumed by the strangest craving ...

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carlos barrera
carlos barrera

The owner of "La perrada de edgar" is Edgar Leon Gomez. This guy scammed a lot of people in colombia and stolen his own employees and providers. He ran away from bogota because he had too many law issues PLEASE DON'T MAKE BUSINESS WITH THIS GUY, HE IS A SCAMMER


This is by far the worst Colombian hot dog joint there is!I am Colombian, and know lots of places that sell "Colombian hot dog" (which means, pineapple, melted cheese, special white sauce, potato chips and so on...)Cheap wiener, cheap bread, terrible!!!And to top it all of, it�s super expensive!!!! Please, don�t waste your money here.