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Best Hidden Neighborhood Miami 2008 - Biscayne Park

Biscayne Park

Biscayne Park

9700 Southwest 328th St.

Homestead, FL 33033


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Alma, where are we?

How should I know? You're the one with the steering wheel, Max.

Well, we were just driving through Miami Shores on our way to North Miami; it seemed simple enough.

Then you took that shortcut.

That was because of all that traffic on NE Sixth Avenue, especially the buses.

Well, which way did you turn, Mr. Adventurer?

Right. You notice all these grassy medians?

Yes, they're so pretty and peaceful. And shady. Where's the map?

Whoa! Look at that green open space! Is that a park or something?

I don't see a sign. Just looks like a regular street.

A regular street with an extra-wide median the size of a small park. Hey, there's another one!

I know. They're all over the place. Watch where you're going! Where's the map?

It's around here somewhere ...

Remember the speed limit is 25 miles per hour. There are people and kids and dogs walking all over the place.

Here's the map. I better look at that thing. Let me find a spot to pull over. I notice there aren't any cars parked in the street.

How about up ahead, next to that log cabin?

Good idea. What is this place, a restaurant?

"Biscayne Park Police Department." Wow, they have their own police department!

Okay, here it is on the map, northeast of Miami Shores, south of North Miami, and west of the railroad tracks. Now I know where we are. See here on the map?

It's even shaped like a jewel!

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Amy Alonso
Amy Alonso

Yes indeed. We were looking to buy in Miami Shores when we found this hidden gem. We immediately fell in love with the's so charming and serene. We've been in the park now for less than a year and everyday we love it more and more. Not only is it charming, but there is a wonderful sense of community with great neighbors that look out after each other.

Tony Moss
Tony Moss

Aah, jeez, talk about conflicting emotions!! I've been here 12+ years, and to think that now the rest of the county knows our happy little secret . . . . !!!! >:-

James Smith
James Smith

Yes I know Biscayne Park is a Great place to live. I've been hear 58 years.