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Best Of Winner

Best Full-Service Gasoline

Unico Service

Gas prices are killing you. Every time you think about how much you've spent filling and refilling that friggin' SUV, it makes your back hurt so much you can't move. And not long ago, while checking the oil, you tripped and sprained your ankle. And then the damn thing overheated...

Five Restaurants With the Best Service in Miami

2 years ago by Laine Doss
Let's play a little free association. When you think of Miami dining, you probably come up with terms like fresh, light, daring, and innovative. But what about great service? For years, snowbirds and recent transplants from parts north have bantered about how service was sooooo much better in New York...

Letters from the Issue of September 11, 2008

He Paid Top Dollar School board guys don't break rules: We wish to respond to Francisco Alvarado's September 4 item in Riptide, "Forget Rudy Crew." Once Agustin Barrera became aware that an e-mail was circulated to the press containing the innuendo that he had received a "special deal" for work...

The Last Service Station, Part 2

15 years ago by Bob Burtman
Read Part 1 When the verdict came down in 1995, Jim MacDonald was elated. Three years after 22 Southern California service station dealers sued Chevron, and three months after the trial began, a jury ruled that the company had defrauded the dealers and owed them a total of $3.4 million...

Fest Full of Film

After a light lead with Bossa Nova, this week the FIU Miami Film Festival comes to an end on a heavier note with the French screen version of Stalin's world, East-West. The big French offering in this second half is Battle Cries, the story of a pregnant woman with breast...
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