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Best French Restaurant Miami 2008 - Le Bouchon du Grove

Le Bouchon du Grove

Le Bouchon du Grove

3430 Main Highway

Coconut Grove, FL 33133


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Bistros are like antiques: They are supposed to be old. That's why even new ones often look as though they've been around for years. It's easy to find aged bistros in Paris, not so easy in South Florida. Le Bouchon du Grove has been sating patrons with its rustic French fare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner since 1994 — which in local restaurant years translates to having been around since 1846. It looks pretty good for such an old joint. Indoor and outdoor tables spill into one another and create the relaxed and comfortable feel of a perfectly worn pair of jeans. The food is assuaging as well, starting with a crusty baguette with creamy butter and segueing into adeptly executed homemade renditions of country pâté, salad Niçoise, escargots, pommes frites, gratinée Lyonnaise (French onion soup), steak in green peppercorn sauce — all the bistro classics. Other assets include an outgoing staff and exuberant French chef, a laid-back Sunday brunch, friendly French wines, and affordable prices (dinner entrées $20 to $30). Bouchon boasts experience and age, but dining here never gets old.

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Daron Oliveira
Daron Oliveira

I am very disappointed. Based on my experience, this store is, at best, mediocre. I've tried going to this place a number of times as it is closest to my house. EVERY TIME I have tried to go to this place it has been closed. There is no sign on the door to show when it is open. The back door is padlocked and has no sign either. The parking lot has no public spaces; all say RESERVED. My best option is to drive for 30-40 minutes to a REAL head shop like Cosmic Charlie's. Coming from a city like Portland, OR, where any head shop you go to is miles above Miami in terms of the quality and variety of merchandise available and whose prices are a fraction of the prices charged in Miami, it is a surprise to me that pot smokers don't have more in terms of quality head shops. PLEASE, don't go out of your way to go to this place. You will be disappointed.


This is NOT - NOT the best French Restaurant in Miami. I am a huge French food addict and travel to Paris often. Of the French restaurants in Miami this has to be one of the more dissapointing ones. Cafe Pastis in South Miami is far better. I order confit de cannard at Bouchon and rather than the buttery long cooked duck that one is used to - this one was dry and tough. Duck confit is one of France's most classic and simple dishes and I question a "Best French Restaurant" going to a bistro that fails in its preparation. The ambiance and the bread are good, but so is Cafe Pastis. Les Halles is very good but the recent rodent and roach problems have guaranteed that I will never return.