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Best Five Dollar Shoes Miami 2008 - Niebla Shoes

Niebla Shoes

Niebla Shoes

708 Southwest 17th Ave.

Miami, FL 33135


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This funky shop hidden in a gritty strip of tired Little Havana storefronts is clogged with boxes and boxes of ladies pumps, sandals, and shoes for every occasion. They come in every size and imaginable color for $5 a pair. That's right for the price of your Jimmy Choo's, you can style a new pair of Niebla's originals every day for the next three months and, best of all, the sales clerk still pronounces each pair: "Choos."
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best of the best and for todays economy you can not beat itshoes, sandals,for 5.00 and matching purses for 10.00 themerchandise is beautiful and also elegant you find all youneed in shoes and purses for an economical prize.


OMG my secret is out!!!

I go there on Wednesdays because the owner tells me she gets new shoes then... In the Miami Heat, YOUVE GOT TO WEAR THE SANDALS! and she's got then in every color even gold, silver etc...

I bought like $50's worth for mother's day presents and everybody loved them!!!

Im not sure how I feel now that my secret is out!!!!